Ruth 4

Boaz took an active role in being the redeemer far before he has the actual title, he set the wheels in motion and arranged the elders to meet with himself and the man with greater rights.


Ruth 3

Naomi has been blessed by Ruth, and we see here she wants to bless Ruth as well by securing her future in a marriage. Naomi then lays out the seemingly bizarre procedure to Ruth to begin this process, which Ruth trusts implicitly and immediately goes and executes on, and is blessed by the success of the result of that initial trust, and action.

Ruth 2

Ruth Chapter 2 introduces the man Boaz as being related to Elimelech, a relative in a position to redeem Naomi (redeemer=go'el). In this case Boaz reserved the right if he was found to be the closest living relative to buy and redeem the land that once belonged to Naomi back into her possession. God is also referred to as "go'el" redeemer, as redeemer of Israel, and personal redeemer.

Ruth 1

Ruth begins with the words "In the days the judges ruled" - these were dark times illustrated by a cycle of sin by the people which would lead to God's judgement and enemies sent against them, to the cry of those people to God for help, to God raising up a judge to rescue them.